A Fertile Heart, by Carolyn Majoran
"His ways are always better than ours. Let Him lead you down the path He has set apart for you. In your submission to His will, He will be glorified in your life. Keep your heart fertile, groomed for Christ to grow more of His character in you. May you be sustained in the waiting and find joy in the hope for the plans He has for you."
From the blog, "The Road to New Life"


During the darkest, most painful struggle in a woman’s life the first question asked when the tendrils of doubt start to twist themselves around our hearts is, “Why me, God?”. My journey through infertility was laced with doubt and questions and anger toward God. I emerged on the other side with a miraculous mountain top experience that I pray you may experience as well. Even when the doctors tell you that your body has betrayed you and they give an infertility diagnosis, know that your walk with Christ can be one that changes and blossoms into a closer relationship with Him. Keep your heart open to His will for your life. Have a fertile heart.

About My Story

As I’ve blogged my story, I have done so in chronological order. If a certain portion of my journey is more applicable to where you are now on your own, feel free to start reading wherever you need to. I pray that you will find solace in knowing that you are not alone in your pain.

My Story

  • He Gives & Takes Away

    December 17, 2019
    Two little lines. That’s all it took to turn my world upside down. Two little lines that told me that my symptoms were not that of perimenopause and anemia but rather, of pregnancy.
  • Hope in the Journey

    August 1, 2014
    Journeying through the desert land of infertility can be a daunting possibility. I certainly didn’t think much about infertility when my husband and I began trying to start our family. But, as each month passed and no positive pregnancy test appeared, the idea of being infertile became a horribly, heart-wrenching probability.